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About VXD Systems

VXD Systems, Inc. was formed in 1995 to provide quality consulting services. Quality was considered then, and still is today, to be the key to success. Quality associates and services lead to successful partnerships. We currently offer expertise in the following areas:

• Data Modelling (logical & conceptual)
• Analysis and Design
• Relational database design & tuning
• Project management
• Application development and deployment
• Data Warehousing
• Sales and Distribution
• SAP (R/2 and R/3)
• Procurement
• Manufacturing
• Financials
• Retail/Marketing


VXD Systems, Inc. has the technical and business experience with a commitment to ensure quality implementation. We understand the needs of our clients and are in a position to assist them in meeting their goals and objectives for a competitive advantage.

• AT&T
• Panasonic
• Nabisco
• Witco
• Quantex
• J Crew
• Carrier
• Shell


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